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Royal Felines

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Taffy Saltwater:
The Royal Felines are indeed most majestic, as is befitting.  Siamese is my favorite breed, having been owned by one in my wasted youth. The loyal feline of your humble servant is a happy ragbag who magically appeared at mine doorstep many years ago and made herself to home.  Mlle. Spooky is black and plays with the Pom pound puppy if must needs demand.  Truth be told, they have, like myself, comfortably settled in the ripe neighbourhood of middle-age.


Owned and operated by Isis and Osiris, the Egypkits. Both white bellies, Isis is tabby on top and Osiris is gray on top. Isis is the enternal kitten, more cute than the law allows, playful and yet aloof, eats a lot of the good stuff but still manages to maintain her girlish figure. Osiris is bigger and HE'S THE LOVE BUG! Pet me, pet me, pet me. Kiss me as you like. Pet me, pet me, pet me.

I tend to be mythical for my names. Before the Egypkits, there was a black cat with green eyes whose name was Morgan (short for Morgan de La Fey, of course). I still recall that day when I first met her, when I held her in my palm at the shelter and she looked up at me as if to say,


Pictures probably later.


Pooka (left) and Jasmine (right) in regal repose.
(Thanks to pics by my petsitter taken while I was away at RenDezvous)

No library is complete without a cat to watch over it. Here is Pooka perusing the small collection at Marsh Manor.


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