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I think it's a very "graphic artist" way of doing websites with text embedded in graphics instead of standing on it's own.

Editing nightmare! You have to recreate and upload a new image every time you want to add someone or want to edit the list!

Lord Figaro:
Doesn't make a whole lotta sense, but then we are talking about management here.

Hey Groomporter can you find out if they are going to have the Archery Contest again? I suppose I could call but I feel I wont get anywhere with the office people.

I'll see what I can find out. I have a vague memory of it not happening last year because they suddenly realized they didn't really have anyplace suitable to do it safely.

I did find the rules from last year. Would this fit in the archery booth in the games area that's around the corner from the BLT?

Archery Tournament Rules:

    * Awards will be given for 1st, 2nd, 3rd places.
    * Complimentary tickets will be given to you and one guest on the day you are competing.  Ticket must be picked up at Will Call.
    * You must have some experience in this sport to be accepted in the competition.
    * Tournament is of retreating distance style starting between five and fifteen yards and retreating in ten yard increments to a maximum of 100 yards.
    * Each archer is allowed three shots from each distance until disqualified.
    * Disqualification happens when archer fails to hit the target area with one of their three shots.
    * Tie-breaker: In case of a tie a random distance that all of the remaining archers have qualified in will be used.  Each archer will be allowed one shot at this distance.  Closest to the bulls eye will win the contested position.  The next closest competitor will place in the next lower position.


    * Bows: Tournament is open to all bows of traditional design (recurve and long bow) with no restrictions on the material used in the bow.
          o Self bows, laminated and laminated recurve bows allowed.
          o No Compound or cross bows will be allowed
    * Arrows: Are to be made of wood with feather fletching, plastic nocks are allowed. Standard field type tips are to be used.
    * Sighting devices: - Are not allowed


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