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I`am  daylight, I was born to Lord Brown and his fine wife and 2 yrs later given to Lord Loyd. I know not the land of which I was born. My mother held a secret that I know not all the details of as even yet. So as grew up with this family they loved me as their own. They thought me the ways of  the castel life and trained to be a lady. I grew weary of castel life with all it`s demands and even the finner things in life. This dimmly light castel with just the light from the candles on the wall  held less and less for me each day. My heart wanted to be free. I was taught that all people were to embraced and loved. Yet what of those poeple I knew none of them. So one days as I was strolling far from the castel, there I noticed from the conner of  my eye and my ears did hear a sound comming from afar off. I quickly ran to see and to my amazement there were people I had never seen before. Why they were singing and dancing and makig merrymnt, full of life and vigor. I satayed with them and learened from them, there songs and dances and did hear their stories. I felt as though I had made real friends with like Ideas and I embraced them.It was there I knew my name daylight. Not light from dimmly light candles on a wall but daylight in full force and glimmy down upon my face, free and flocking  and whirling around. I love them and they loved me. I knew I must retun to the castel but my heart knew One day I would retun, and the fine linnes of the castel life would slowly come off and cotton and belts full of music would I put on. Every chance I have I run back to a place that allows me to be free and dance and whirl and sing with merrymet. To embrace the daylight , fill the joy and to excape the place of friendship and love that remains a place forever held in my heart. A lady when need be but living in the daylight, with my belly dancing to music of the wind, my arms to beat t of the music when permited. this is all i have for now waht do you think alll commets welcome yes i weqar both garb costumes to the fair the lady garb for all the dances in the castel and to run thought the Ren fest in the day a belly dancer and guypsy  plese let me know what you thing sorry for the bad sp0elling.

anne of oaktower:
It sounds like a truly lovely story, daylight!  I think we all have days when we wish to be free from life's constraints and do nothing more than laugh and dance and frolic in the sun.  Sometimes the nicest castle can begin to feel like a dungeon if we lose the ability to play.  You've put the story together very nicely.  Keep up the good work  :)

   Lady ann. Thank you ann I agree the nicest castel can seem a bit droll if we lose the abilty to play. I was truly adopted when I was 2 yrs of age that`s where I got the part of being given to another to be raised. I was raised in a very fine house.  The family did love me as there own.  I was really tought to love all  people for who they are and do. So the story is really about the real me. less the castel. Thank you once again . for the commets about the story.  It was so nice to hear what you thought.  ;D

anne of oaktower:
You are quite welcome, daylight.  It is good that you found inspiration in your "mundane" life to use for your character's story.  It sounds as though you've been very blessed by your adoptive family and that they taught you some wonderful things.  Which faires will you be attending?

 I`am going to the Muskogee ok fair  now it runs thru May 26. and then I will attend the Lawton Ok on june 7 and 8 also the White Heart Renfair in Mo will be in June. oh I do hope at some point we can met and formly intrduce ourselfs.  Where are the fairs you go to? yOu have a great day ok  ;D


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