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Arsinoe Selene:
Sort of currently, but not because of school...
A pirate top, from a Simplicity pattern (pieces cut out of test fabric)
Some sort of pouch to put on my belt, just big enough to hold wallet, keys, cell, Advil. Either leather or fabric, I'm not sure.

Really in the plotting stage. After the 22nd, I will be free to do what I want, though.


A friend of mine needed something to attach a goblet to her belt. Goblets don't hang too well from a regular tankard strap, so I tossed that out completly and came up with something new.

(if you click on the pictures, you will be linked to a new window where you can see a larger picture.)

thats my goblet in the picture, her's is silver plate (or looks it atleast.)  It turned out to be a perfect fit.

(thats an odd glare on the picure, didn't even notice it till i downloaded it a few mins ago :-\ )

All the edges are sealed with beeswax and a touch of flame. I left the inside portion unstained so that it won't sweat the color off onto the polished metal it will be holding. I'm quite plesed with how it turned out since it was basicly being designed as being made.

Tami MacLeod:
wow great job indeed, i love it
how much do they cost?

Thank you. I hadnt really thought about making them to sell. (I'm a hobbiest really, so I don't sell too much) but if someone asked me to make them one, I'd guess about $25 would be suitable to cover my cost and time

This is an amazing start to a new "Finished Projects" threads.  I am always awed at what all of you come up with!

  Just a "outside chance", but I was able to locate some of the old thread on the Google Cached service.  I may try to copy some of it over  here in the next few days.  Don't let this stop you from posting your new work.  It's all fantastic!

    - Mag


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