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Royal Order of Landsharks

Started by Taffy Saltwater, May 14, 2008, 01:59:24 PM

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Yay!!!  :D ;D I got my Letter of Marque and my Phin!!!
Guppy #114!!

Phins Up!!
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Rani Zemirah

WewT!!!  Welcome aboard, young'un!!!  ;) 
Rani - Fire Goddess

Aut disce... aut discede

Merlin the Elder

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Taffy Saltwater

So glad packages are arriving. Phins up!

Taffy Saltwater


C Dragonworks

Hey I never got a letter... Did I miss something...maybe I forgot to ask... So much happening... HEHE!!!!

Taffy Saltwater

The beta members didn't get one - I didn't put a LoM together until laaate inthe game.


in the bilge with the vermin
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C Dragonworks

OHHHHH!!!  :o

I guess I missed out then...Not too worried!!! Phins up...