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Amras Elfwine:
I invite all of an elvish nature to come to this place...there are some who say that the time of the elves draws nigh, and we must make council if we are to you elf, half-elf, fae or human, if you have an interest in a renaissance of elvish life here, I humbly ask that you come to this fire and speak your mind.

I bid you peace...
Amras, of the Ocalan Forest Elves
Lord Elfwine

Amin naa tualle, oh bushy tailed one... 

'Quel undome
Heru en amin Amras,

I do not believe the time of the Elves is drawing to a close. I shall give thee whatever assistance possible.

Amin naa tualle,
Protector of the Raccoons

The elves may have withdrawn to the quiet forests, but they certainly have not left!  I have danced with a few, I know they are still here!

Queen Bonnie:
 I am only half elven- but I say the time of the elves is just beginning! I bring elven and wizard magick to this glade!  Let us all dance together and enjoy the friendship of this realm! HUZZAH!


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