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To Treb or Not to Treb

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Woodland Artisan:
I'm doing my last minute packing of the truck and have a little space left over ...  debating about whether to see if I can fit the trebuchet in there this evening to take up to the faire in Wentzville, MO.  I haven't had a chance, due to working and weather, to play work with it for a few months.  It'd strictly be an after-hours, off-the-record playtime as I know that my business insurance wouldn't cover that activity at the booth.  But, still, it can sit out front of the booth and attract a little attention during the day while giving something for us to play with after hours (maybe up at the joust field?)

What does everyone think?  Treb or Not to Treb?

If you have the room why not? It would be fun to play work with. ;D

You might have to have it "peace tied" during Faire hours, but I'd say you need to
Bring the Trebuchet!!!

I wanna watch you peace tie it!!  And if it is peace tied...  do you have to put it on a belt? ;)

Lord Nitestar

are you talking about that smaller one you made a few months back?   Bring it!

do you think it can be rigged up to throw waterballons?

(but of course, I never said anything about bringing it  ;) )


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