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Var Greyshadow:
It is wonderful to see how many here are quite fluent in the Elvish language.  I, alas, am not.  It would be greatly beneficial to those of us not so well-versed in the language if those who are would post translations to Common Speech along with the Elvish phrases they use.  In this way, we may learn something of this beautiful language, in addition to better understanding the posts.

Queen Bonnie:
 This is a very good point Var!
 I need to brush up on my Elvish language too! Translations please!

I sorta cheated...when I stared reading the posts in this section...I had NO idea what the language (SHOULD have figured it was elven :D ) was, so I typed a phrase into Google and found this very interesting website...

Just thought I'd pass this along...

Lissenen ar' maska'lalaith tenna' lye omentuva
Sweet water and light laughter till next we meet

Amras Elfwine:
Thanks, Tammy...that Gery Company page makes for an outstanding set of flash cards...and the entire site will tell you great detail about the language.

There are several different Elvish languages.  Sindarin is one of the more popular.  Quenya is also fairly common.  Both of them were preserved for modern times by Tolkien.  There are a few other languages out there as well, but I don't speak them, so I have no more information on them.

More resources, for learning Sindarin: - didn't look through the entire thing, but this looks pretty good, despite the author's somewhat shakey grasp of English. - has all the Elvish, Dwarvish, and (*shudder*) Blackspeech from The Lord of the Rings movies translated, as well as links to more resources. - another excellent site, for several different languages

I also have floating around somewhere at home a course in leaning Sindarin.  My husband found it somewhere and emailed it to me.  I think it can be found at the last item on the first page of a google search for Sindarin, starts ""  I'm not going to post the full link because right now I'm not sure it's the right thing and I don't want to put a link to a virus.  It's a pdf download, not a website, so I can't really check (due to being at work right now).


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