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I find myself more in the Token realm if that helps.   ;D

I'm thinking Tolkien, seems to be the closest to what i know.   ;D

Here's what I've been able to come up with:

Hirtie in quenya. 
Other options could be londthir, thirbad, or athradthir, in Sindarin.

Note, I haven't checked that these are combined correctly yet.  If I have time to do so, I will, and will supply the updated translations.

Here's the elements I used, if you're curious or want to do some looking into the proper way to combine them yourself:
Path: tie (quenya) lond (sindarin)
Find: hir (quenya)
Pathway: bad (sindarin)
Way: athrad (sindarin)
Look: thir (sindarin)

awesome, my kind friend, thank you for your help   ;D


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