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As a sside note, Quenyan is actually fully finished, while Sindarin has a few holes in the original language.  I think, though, that others have filled them in during recent years.

I used to be pretty fluent in Quenyan, at least from a written standpoint (used it a lot when I played an old MUD).  Spoken though, definitely not.  I've been thinking about relearning the written, and learning the spoken, for when I eventually do an elven character for any of the fantasy weekends of whatever faires I'm going to.

As far as online resources go, though, Quenyan has a LOT.  Just do a search on it, you'll find hundreds of links, easily.  Most of the top ones are good.  And like Sindarin, it has a home learning course you can get.

Its something I have to eventually get around to learning as well.  Even dark elves know Elvish and should understand what to utter when asked to "speak, friend, and enter".

Queen Bonnie:
 I used to know several phrases. It goes away without using it often. 

Yay, people are back in the Elf forums!  :)

Just wanted to throw this note in here, since it's something I've learned since this was first posted.

The Grey Company site, while an excellent resourse for learning an elvish language, is NOT the same thing as Tolkien's languages.  Some people took Sindarin as a starting point and made up their own stuff to use in their role playing game.

NOTHING wrong with it, just wanted to make sure that people were aware that if they learned from that site and then tried to converse w/a speaker of Sindarin it wouldn't go so well as they are actually different languages despite sounding similar.

That said, have fun learning whatever Elven language strikes your fancy!  :)

I don't mean to draw the focus away from the tongue of the woodland folk, but do any of you know of sources for other languages? I'm fond of language and would enjoy some new challenges!


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