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Capt Lucy:
Yay!  I'm the first post for my home faire!  Whoot!  I'll be there opening weekend and the following Saturday.  Anyone else??


we are planning our first visit to your faire this October. any suggestions? LF

you must see the tiger show especially hercules the liger he is the biggest cat i have ever seen

Capt Lucy:
Do NOT miss The Lost Boys... of course, cute men in kilts are pretty hard to miss anyway, but yeah  :)

Tiger show, Lost Boys, Aerial Angels (if they are booked - I haven't heard yet), H-LAT (joust), Magic stage with a rotating cast of magicians, Gypsy Dancers, The Three Graces at the Boar's Head tavern, Shaunough the Wandering Minstrel, Princess Academy, Pirates 101, Human Chess match, the scenario show involving our Royalty in crazy/funny song-and-dance-and-fight numbers, Puppet place with children's shows, The town meeting and Sherrif's court with our wacky (yes, "wacky") cast of 'townspeople'...and that's just the ones I know about!

It's a fun day - and I think you will enjoy your visit!  Here is the website:

We'll see you in the fall!

Teener -
aka Production Stage Mgr - KRF '08


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