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Dress / Garb Diary Links

Started by Artemisia, May 14, 2008, 05:36:35 PM

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I think this thread should come back. Beat you to it Gem!

I'm in awe of all the talent on these boards. I believe we should have easy access to all those delicious dress diaries and sewing blogs.

{moderator}Thank you.... yes, there are some guidelines that need to be followed.
1.   THis is for posting of existing Dress/Garb Diary links.  Please do not post your project as you creat it.
2.  Please keep comments and questions to a minimum or RenMail the poster.
3.  YOUR OWN Work.  No Items you have sold, or items you have purchased.
4.  Please try to use the format that is shown below as well.  Makes it easier to read.{/moderator} 

I'll go first:
Dress Diary of a Novice Renaissance Seamstress
16c. italian gowns and fantasy faire clothing
Right now it's mostly italian, mostly.

{moderator} Changed name to be inclusive of the boys, elves, etc... {/moderator}
Artemisia Moltabocca
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Baroness Doune

OK.  I'll bite.

My website.
The dress diary section of the website.
There are three diaries in progress, three on hold,  and numerous outfits planned.  There are a few outfits that don't even show up in the planned section but I have fabric and ideas...



My current blog and dress diaries



My faire away from faire can be found here. I don't have any particular style I work on, just a little bit of everything ren...


When I'm gone look for me beneath your boots, for I have returned to the ground from which I came.   Walt Whitman


My sewing projects are on my blog at
Sewing posts are mixed in with scrapbooking, stamping, and photography but you can click "garb projects" in the right hand column to see only those posts.
Cindy/Ciana Leonardi di Firenze/Captain Cin


I just started a dress diary at  It's just got the beginning of my Arthurian costume in it, but I'll be updating again soon, probably later tonight or tomorrow.  When I feel like sewing again.

I think you have to refresh the page to see new posts.


Hmmm... I thought I had posted here already! :) :) - My costuming website - my blog
Catarina Caravello - Mistress of the Bobbins
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Lady Rosalind

Yeah, it looks like some of the recent posts didn't make it over...


Mine seems to have evaporated too!  Here we go:

There are several listed at the right hand side under Hysterical Costuming...  Some projects are more ren related than others.  Some are more detailed and tutorial than others.  Some are incomplete...

Lady Anne Clare

It's not much and I'm really bad at keeping it updated on my current project but it is my dress diary nonetheless
I love historical sewing for the lack of zippers ;)


My updates can be found at I only have the one dress diary on there right now so no permant place for them yet, but they'll live somewhere on that main page.


I have a blog where my costume projects are an integrated part, rather than having an own costume diary. I wirte about my costume projects and site updates, but also trip I've been to, goals I have etc. Plus, I post a lot of photos of existing pre-1900 garbs plus various portraits and paintings. Adress:

Lady Kathleen of Olmsted

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