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I think this thread should come back. Beat you to it Gem!

I'm in awe of all the talent on these boards. I believe we should have easy access to all those delicious dress diaries and sewing blogs.

{moderator}Thank you.... yes, there are some guidelines that need to be followed.
1.   THis is for posting of existing Dress/Garb Diary links.  Please do not post your project as you creat it.
2.  Please keep comments and questions to a minimum or RenMail the poster.
3.  YOUR OWN Work.  No Items you have sold, or items you have purchased.
4.  Please try to use the format that is shown below as well.  Makes it easier to read.{/moderator} 

I'll go first:
Dress Diary of a Novice Renaissance Seamstress
16c. italian gowns and fantasy faire clothing
Right now it's mostly italian, mostly.

{moderator} Changed name to be inclusive of the boys, elves, etc... {/moderator}

Baroness Doune:
OK.  I'll bite.

My website.
The dress diary section of the website.
There are three diaries in progress, three on hold,  and numerous outfits planned.  There are a few outfits that don't even show up in the planned section but I have fabric and ideas...


My current blog and dress diaries www.centuries-sewing.com

Here's mine at http://www.using-sewing-machines.com

My faire away from faire can be found here. I don't have any particular style I work on, just a little bit of everything ren...


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