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Here's mine :)   http://freewebs.com/ladyorensjournal

My sewing projects are on my blog at www.who-gives-a.blogspot.com
Sewing posts are mixed in with scrapbooking, stamping, and photography but you can click "garb projects" in the right hand column to see only those posts.

I just started a dress diary at http://sarasdressdiaries.blog.com/.  It's just got the beginning of my Arthurian costume in it, but I'll be updating again soon, probably later tonight or tomorrow.  When I feel like sewing again.

I think you have to refresh the page to see new posts.

Hmmm... I thought I had posted here already! :)

http://www.silverstah.com :) - My costuming website
http://www.silverstah.com/blog/ - my blog

Lady Rosalind:
Yeah, it looks like some of the recent posts didn't make it over...



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