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My blog http://who-gives-a.blogspot.com has been updated with a dress diary for my just finished gown. :)

All the Pretty Dresses is now http://www.extantgowns.com   It used to be http://extantgowns.blogspot.com - and will redirect if you type it in.  However, the readers will NOT update.   Please update your readers with the new url.  Feel free to repost. 

Renaissance Tall Hat Style Project


I blogged about the making of my Tudor/Elizabethan peasant costume at http://kirtletheturtle.wordpress.com

My first attempt at garb, and there are definitely things I would do differently, but I would be thrilled if it helps someone! I'm sooo grateful to all the dress diaries out there on the internet.

Quite lovely from what I can see in the photo of your kirtle, Songbird!   My biggest suggestion would be to get linen for your dress next time - it's not as expensive as it used to be and it was made for the South in the summer time!   Seriously, I love my Italian Renaissance outfits out of linen in 90F or hotter weather.  I tend to be the only one that doesn't look like a melting candle.  :-)    Linen blends are okay - especially linen cotton ones which work AMAZINGLY for chemises.  You can get the hankyweight linen/cotton blend at Joanns - just be careful that it's only linen and cotton.  For a good online linen source, I suggest Fabric-store which often has their linen on sale for around $7.60 to $8.60 a yard.   Not exactly a whole bunch more than the poly/rayon linen look you bought for your dress.  Go with lightweight or medium weight linen - the heavy weight is better for stays.  If you have an IKEA near you, you can get gray linen for $7 a yard, I think, that is heavy and perfect for stays.  I made an 18th c pair of stays for my Sister in Law out of the IKEA linen.   

Only only other suggestions would be to make your sleeves baggy and add a cuff - the "puffy" sleeves are great in the summer as the fabric doesn't stick to you as much. 


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