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fiddle case maker?

Started by Thistle, January 15, 2009, 01:22:34 AM

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I'm starting to look around for a more "historical" fiddle case, albeit a slightly later period than Ren.

Once upon a time I happened upon the website of a gentlemen who made old pattern cases for reenactments (US Civil War I think), but I can't find it again for the life of me. Does anyone know who that might have been, or know anyone else who does similar work? I'm particularly looking for one of the bottom-opening types. (see below)

As an aside -
"MacPherson's Rant" is a great book of stories of Scots fiddling mostly from the 18th c, and it mentions in several places that bags [velvet is often mentioned] only began to give way to wooden cases towards the tail end of the 18th century up there. Even then cases were comparatively expensive enough they were something of a luxury to the street fiddlers of the day apparently. Anyhow, here's a picture of an original from the Edinburgh museum, similar to what I'm looking for (although I'd prefer a more modern suspension inside for the fiddle to slide into, rather than letting it rattle around)

anyone got any leads? :)

Morgan Dreadlocke

Has ya considered gutting a modern plastic fiddle case? Remove all the hardware and aluminum edging, shoe goo it closed and saw off the fat end. Then cover it with some olde looking fabric or psuedo leather. Line the innards wi' faux sheepskin.

My two farthin's worth :P
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