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Weekend themes for the 2008 Season!

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August 23rd & 24th:                                                       
Children's Weekend
All kids 11 and under are admitted free. 

Princess & Pirate Party from 11:30am - 12:30pm. 
Wee lads and lasses are invited to the Boars Head  (located near Market Stage) beginning at 11:30am for a Princess and Pirate Party. 

August 30th, 31st & September 1st: 
Magic Weekend
A celebration featuring the finest magicians in the realm!

September 1st: Seniors Day free!
On Labor Day Monday, all Seniors 62+ will be admitted free.

September 6th & 7th:
Irish Celebration
Music and dance from Ireland.  Special surprises in store!

Saturday, September 6th - an ASL Performance Day.  Selected Stage shows will be interpreted by Sharava Interpreting Service.

September 13th & 14th:
Scottish Celebration
Music & dance from Scotland - and caber toss too!

September 27th & 28th:
Adventure Weekend - it's a Pirate invasion!
Seafaring, pirates and the age of exploration.  This weekend we explore beyond the shores of England.  Learn about life at sea.  Hear stories of great adventures.  And of course, matey- there be pirates!  Pirate costume contest for both adults & children.  Prizes will be awarded for the best pirate costume - head to toe. 

October 4th & 5th:
German music and dancing!

Sunday, October 12th - an ASL Performance Day.  Selected stage shows will be interpreted.

October 18th & 19th:
Chivalry Weekend
The Renaissance, a time of romance!  And on this weekend we celebrate chivalry and love. 

On Sunday, October 19th, couples are invited to renew their commitment vows at a special ceremony at 11am at the Royal Stage, with a reception for couples to follow immediately at the White Hart Tavern

Chivalry Weekend sounds a lot like the Romance Weekend of years gone by.  Any plans for the old activities, like the wearing of numbers, etc, or is to too early to tell?

What you describe seems to me to be singles day within romance weekend. I don't know that it will be back although I don't believe it to be likely since it has not been announced. Note that this is my personal impression.

Irish celebration ... Awesome add!

I will be at ORF for Scottish weekend ... I will have to try to get home for some of the celebration!

My luck, I send the kids off to Grandma's on the kid's free weekend :)

Sunday might be a good day to come out and play sans kids.


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