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Absolutely Random Thoughts

Started by *Teach*, May 07, 2008, 06:43:59 PM

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ok... here is the game...
Dah Rules:
1- If you open this topic, you must type the first thing that pops into your mind in the reply box
2- No fair changing your mind about it
3- No editing allowed other that spelling
4- No replying to other peoples posts
if you can help it, try not to read other peoples posts until you have written yours... that way your typing only your own thoughts without influence

(Ya'll knew I wouldn't be happy without this thread of course...)

*Rum all around! We'll need it as we weather the storm*
*Got more Rum?* "Here, Try This!"


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How did I know you would have this one back up first?


Cinnamon Toast Cruch? Try Cinnamon Toast AWESOME!  :D ;D
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oooooh we gots smilies too!
:) ;) :D ;D >:( :( :o 8) ??? ::) :P :-[ :-X :-\ :-* :'(and stuff moves...

and there's superscript
and subscript

and glowy

and shadowy
shadow bites... dont show to well...

*sadly no rum button though... i want my old board back*
*Got more Rum?* "Here, Try This!"


Geeze, it feels like old home week, all the furniture seems to be in place and the Rum was waiting.
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There is a special place in hell for hackers. May they reach in their chip bag to find it empty, spill the last of their mt dew on the CPU which then shorts out destroying all their *cough* hard *snicker* work causing them to attept to pry themselves from their chair afterwhich once succcessful they discover they are locked in the basement and no one knows or cares and they die there sad pathetic individuals that they are... Wow, I was really holding in a lot of agression there... I feel much better now! ;D


if i think not,  am i not ?    i think not, don't you think ?


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Don't worry, you aren't seeing things.... :o ;D

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may the next person who hacks the r/ forums be electrocuted and find their special place in hell.  >:(
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I dun't want to be patient!

Please please please, hurrrrrrry uppppp!!!  :-X
Still Meggers, just a little more grown up now. :)


Hooray this is back!
Rum for teach!


Um, okay, let's see.
I'm really bored.
I can't wait til school ends./