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Known or expected changes this year?

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If I'm not mistaken, the faire is under new management, and I was wondering if anyone heard or knows about any changes that might be coming this year to the faire...or changes in the future.

Just curious for those who actually live nearby and can hear this stuff. I'm about 5 hours away, but going to go again for a weekend this year. :)

Lady Amy of York:
Not as many weeks  this year as last year.  The hours have  changed  a bit.  Plus i thought someone  told me prices for tickets have gone up a bit.
  Also the theme weeknds  have changed   a bit  according to the  faire website.
 I reccommend checking out the faire website !

But one way or another i'm looking forward to going ! :)

Well lets see if i can get this all together.

140+ BTM cast this year, has been 70's
Barby Holde
Boba DaVinci/Kenny Silkie
Paolo Garbanzo

The bridge between the two towers at the main enterance is being redone, so there
will be BTM people over you as you enter the faire i suspect. I have not had time to
walk the grounds to see what else has changed.

I expect more that i have not heard about.

What's BTM?

I know to some this may be beating a dead horse, but does anyone close to the faire owners think they might consider
re-vamping the weapons policy, or are they just going to continue as is.   I ask, not so much for this year as it is to soon to opening day but maybe for ensuing years.


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