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Wild about Harry- Potter that is!

Started by Queen Bonnie, May 15, 2008, 02:38:58 PM

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NoBill Lurker

OMG! :o
If this is a true quote from mind is now blown! Wow...
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You're going to...wait...WHAT???


Not true.  This isn't even hinted at in either the book or the movie, to me.  Especially not the movies.  They are clearly two different species of snake.  The one Harry set free was a Burmese Python.  The one portrayed as Nagini was, I believe, closer to a reticulated python.  I'll have to watch again to verify this.  Different patterns entirely, though.  Therefore not the same snake.  Besides, Nagini would have already been a Horcrux and closely guarded by Voldy as a pet.  I'm sure he would have been cared for by a Deatheater somewhere.  That's my opinion.  However, it always bothered me that the snake in the Sorcerer's Stone winked.  Snakes can't wink.  They have no eyelids.  Argh...Hollywood...geez...  :)
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Another music video on YouTube that I thought was funny:

"Pottermore" - or better = "What if Pottermore Sorts Me in the Wrong House"
Royal Order of Landsharks - Guppy No. 85


I registered into Pottermore about a month ago and got Hufflepuff as my house. Are there any other registered on to Pottermore yet?
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Lady Neysa

Lady Ash,  I'm on Pottermore, but haven't played very much yet.  I'm a Ravenclaw!

Queen Bonnie

 I registered on Pottermore but have not figured out how to get sorted or do much on it yet. I need a young person to show me how it works. I am hopeless.
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You're not hopeless Queen Bonnie! You'll figure it out. It is a fairly easy site to navigate. :)

Lady Neysa- I haven't played that much either recently, though I do enjoy how you get to earn house points for the cup. I just logged in yesterday to check things out, and it turns out that the house cup is going to be awarded on July 5th!
"Love can make a summer fly, or a night seem like a lifetime." -Andrew Lloyd Webber

The Lady Mercedes

I was pointed to this lovely post...I love Potter art!
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