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Betty Munro:
If you click on entertainment schedule it says coming soon, but if you click on entertainers bios it has a long list of who to expect there.

Anna Iram:
Yes, glad this new website has more info. Odd that their old website is still up as well, though I don't see where they are linked.

Anyway, I'd not so much expect a schedule up just yet, but glad to see the rest of the site info is there. 

Are we there yet?

>> Goodness how come it seems Florida is the only inactive faire thread on this forum??? Where all my locals at?? I surely can't be the only one who can't wait for I?

Anna Iram:
Here's a countdown ticker for you all. Thanks to Kate and her link over in BARF.

Yeah, I'd love to see more visiting back and forth. Goodness, it's just a three hour tour of the Galdes between us!


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