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Terry at the Harp, Thursday May 15

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Just a quick reminder, since we are all a little out of sorts with the new forum....
Terry is at the Harp tonite...8-12. Be nice to get together...maybe see some of you there!

Terry Griffith:
Thanks, Mumsie for spreading the word and thanks to all who showed.  I was a great night even though the Pens lost.  Most places that I play have me only play on the period breaks and after the game.  Last night there were so many people who showed up just to hear the music that I played all evening and we just watched the game with the sound down. 

It was so good to see all my faire friends.  I'll be back at the Harp next month.  Keep an eye on my schedule here and we can all get together again.


Lady Guinness:
I can not believe I missed another show! The next time one is one a Friday or Saturday night I hope someone will please make sure I know. I am needing a Pittsburgh friend fix!! Hugs to all.

Terry Griffith:
Lady G, you are most welcome at any time.  There are plans in the works for another Renstock soon and we will certainly keep you and the Scotsman well advised of the plans.  I also play other pubs in town almost every week and any time you can visit our area will be a reason for all to get together.

It seems we of Morlandshire feel the need to gather more often than other faire folk.  The bonds of friendship are strong here and we feel a kinship with all who wish to join us in merriment.  In fact, your visit would spawn an instant celebration so you don't have to wait until one of my shows.  Hope to see you soon.

Lady Guinness:
Terry, Thank you for your sweet and kind words. I do feel very close to the Pittsburgh clan. If I could move my town closer to Pittsburgh I would in a heartbeat. Somehow the "group" has come to mean alot to me. I look forward to the next time I get to see everyone. I would love come to another Renstock, yes please let me know when it happens again and we will certainly be there! See you all soon. Hugs.


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