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California's Oldest and Largest Celtic Faire


March 13,14,15 2009

Celtic Music: Tempest, Wicked Tinkers, Golden Bough, and The Black Irish Band.
The Great Whiskey Tasting Competition is back in its 5th year. Taste 10 types of whiskey.
Jousting ~ The Knights of Avalon.

We were there last year and had a great time.   We got our hotel booked for this year.

Anybody else going to be there?

Hey there!
  We've been attending this event since 98 and we make it a point to start off our faire season by going every year.  Although we weren't too thrilled with the parking situation at the new location last year seeing everyone there more than made up for the inconvenience.  Heres hoping to maybe run into you there.

PS:  I finally got around to looking at your pictures that was printed in Renaissance Magazine, they were very nice!

If you go this year and if you find me, the ale is on me.  We are going up Friday night and will be there Saturday for sure and most probably Sunday.

I'll be there with my clan.. err.. family. Planning on Saturday and maybe Sunday morning. First faire of the season. Looking forward to it.


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