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So, I guess this got eaten...or something...

I have decided that Mistress Beatrice should be taking copious notes this summer so that she can keep all the gossip information straight. Since is just a wee girl in many ways, I've decided that the back of the notebook should be filled with things that all girls' notebooks are filled with. Namely, "Mrs. Beatrice Charming" written about a hundred times - think the diary in Shrek 2 "Mrs. Fiona Charming. Mrs. Fiona Charming MissusFionaCharming"..etc. Because Miss Bea is fickle, she needs variety in her notebook. So far, I have "Mrs. Captain Jack" and "Mrs. Beatrice Dashing" And maybe even a game or two of MASH (Mansion, Alley, Seaport, Hovel)  - you girls know what I'm talking about.

So, I'm asking for help. What else would she have in the back part of her notebook in the way of names, doodles or things? I know it's one of those things that maybe one or two people will see, but it's also one of those little details that just makes it perfect.

Mistress Charlotte:
to repost...............

You need some sketches.   May I suggest................

2 interlinking hearts with your name in one heart and another's name in the other heart.  Then little kisses all around it.

A sketch of a shoe then an equals sign and then a sketch of a diamond ring..... 
glass slipper = diamond ring.....

A sketch of a "certain" pirate.  Then an arrow sticking out of his head and blood dripping down.
Only the best for our pirate scoundrel.

Mistress Charlotte, You are brilliant!

Adriana Rose:
The persons name surrounded by hearts

The persons name in the middle of a huge heart

Walk around saying very loudly "Dear Diary today Cap'n Jack winked at me I think he has a crush on me"

Hope this helps

again.... ME!  ;D ;D ;D  I am always a good idea!


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