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Re: Terrified Here

Started by nliedel, May 12, 2008, 01:01:28 PM

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Quote from: uhurainmi on May 12, 2008, 11:22:17 AM

I feel your pain. After many hours of reading construction techniques and dress diaries online, I think I can make a decent gown. However, it's really hard to get started again, after sitting it down for a few days for things like work, sleep, sex.
When I pick it up again, it takes me hours to remember what was going on. I have made notes and started my own diary, but it isn't helpful. Once I get back in the zone, tho', I can sew with a purpose. Whew!
this isn't advice or anything, I just wanted to express my own view given the 'terrified here' subject.


1. What's sex? I have four  boys and I'm not sure I remember getting pregnant with number four.

2. I finished the pettiecoats. The trim on one is way too fancy for my character, but they're only going to see it if the dress flies up and I have no intention of that happening, just in case I have bloomers in the works :)
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