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Is the Character Help area going to be re-added? I have a question I need answered about French titles and nobility that needs to go there so I can continue work on my new character! Or if anyone is confident in their knowledge about the above-mentioned subject matter, as it pertains to females, please message me!

Patience.....I'm doing what I can to add content to the site!  As with all good things, you must wait for them to come to fruition.   ;)

I'm not being IMpatient, it was simply a question.  ???

We all greatly appreciate the work you are putting into turning this place into a makeshift home, so please don't think I'm trying to rush you.

Queen Bonnie:
 my favorite Quote
Lord Give me patience
- and I want it NOW!!!
 Huzzah for DB and all the work you are doing here!
I can't wait to see the changes when I get back from Scarby! Hugs!

Lady Mikayla of Phoenicia:
Together, we will put back our shire!


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