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Period style canopy?


Alphena Brennafax:

I'm starting my own camp this year for Potrero War and along with a million other things, I need at least two sunshades. All the ones I've seen are authentic reproductions and thus, way out of my price range. (At least for now)
Does anyone know of any commercial canopies that are relatively period looking?
If not, has anyone tried their hand at making their own medieval looking cover for one?

This guy made something from a market umbrella:

Try going to a local harware store and buy some cheap/inexpensive drop clothes and wood for poles.

Abbot Bubo:
I'll be at Potrero...third time going...stop by House Leviathan some time....just follow the drums...most of Leviathan are members of Thunder.

Alphena Brennafax:
Oh, I'm familiar with the House Laviathan  ;)
At least, from what I can remember.


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