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Lord Clisto of York:
Good day my friends,

  I have a quick announcement which I would like to post. As you are now all aware, the Upper Wisconsin Renaissance Faire was canceled for the 2009 season this year. This has not changed. But, it will be returning in 2010, with many new changes for the better, starting with a new location and easier to get to. Much is still in the planning stages at the moment, so I am not at liberty to go into other specifics at this time. But, I wanted to get this out here to shed some new light to all the rennies who have attended in the past, those who have been looking forward to this faire, and everyone else who wants to never see a faire wither away. This will continue to be a place to enjoy your hobby. What I have been told so far is very exciting and I look forward to sharing it all with everyone soon. Thanks to all of you who have prayed and sent your wonderful comments about this issue before. They have gone LOUDLY noticed. I will keep everyone posted as things become available, but for now, its a BIG HUZZAH and keep looking here for more information.


Lord Sir Clisto of York  

"Upper"? Wisconsin Renaissance Faire?

-Just wanted to be sure you're talking about the one near Chippewa Falls. I just never heard it referred to as the "Upper" Wisconsin Renaissance Faire.

Tis grand news indeed.

New home? Hmm, be a shame if the buildings can't salvaged. 

Problem with land ownership perhaps?  At the moment I can't think of any other reason to move after putting so much time and energy over a short period of time.  Hoping for the best...

Lord Clisto of York:
1) Sorry Groomtrooper, yes, it is officially the "Wisconsin Ren Faire" in Chippewa falls.  We have been calling it the "Upper", so as not to be confused with the Bristol faire which many people have done.

2) I can say this to the second concern on the buildings, that there is something going on with the buildings to the new area as well. After all they are new.

3) DB has part of it in the land issue.

I really cant go into more then this now, but it is going to all work out in the end. I am just excited at being part in making this happen and in better circumstances all around. So, once again keep a watch on here for more info.

Lord Sir Clisto of York



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