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anne of oaktower:
Greetings, All.  I have asked our kind host, John, to sticky this topic so that it will always appear at the top of our thread list.  Anyone having photos to share can either add them in a post or send me the link and I'll add it here in the first post.  I thought this might be a little easier than scrolling through page after page of posts, trying to find the pictures everyone has taken.

Go ahead...give us your best shots  ;)

Terry Griffith:
Here's some from 2004, I think.  Only fitting that we should start with some old memories first.

Don't forget Jaya's photo thread:

As for my own pictures, I have 2005, 2007, and 2008:

Lady Celynn:
Here's my photos from '08.

Blue-Eyed Wench:
My apologies for the lateness of this posting: Life has been quite a trip for me this year with the loss of Ric and my computer is very old and tempermental.

I have my photos from last year's faire and a few from 2007 posted here: It is also under my username Blue-Eyed Wench.
There is a seperate folder for Noble Cause Productions (picked from the 6wks I shot) and I will also be putting one up with Washing Well Wenches very soon, providing my computer cooperates!

I cannot wait for this year's faire & hope you all enjoy them!


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