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Lookin' for to meet and greet in OKC
« on: March 30, 2009, 02:27:13 PM »
Who? You, bards, scalds, troubadours, thespians, terpsichores, and rogues
Where? Medieval Faire, Norman Oklahoma, Prarie Peace Path
When? April 3-5 at 10 am each day

The Medieval Faire in Norman Oklahoma [] is a huge open air tent faire, with around half a million patrons passing through over three days. It began as a small faire in 1976, and is now listed among the largest events in the state. It is a neat place for rennies to gather, in part because it is held in a public park and there is no admission. While the faire does charge for vendor booth space, freelance performers abound. As long as you can find a space, you are free to do whatever you choose: play on the street, give a complete performance, watch other acts. It's all part of the fun.

Let the guild unite... bards, scalds, troubadours, thespians, terpsichores, and rogues in general. So what if you aren't listed as one of the stage acts for the faire (or maybe you are), you can still attend, and you can perform (somewhere) as you desire. Toss your tip hat in the ring! I don't even throw a hat down and often patrons just come up and hand me money (no guarantees with the current economic trend).

I would like to propose a bardic meet and greet time each day of the faire. I'd love to meet anyone who wants to come and say "Well Met," and I hope you might too. Also, if anyone wants to coordinate an event... maybe work the crowds together... it could be a coordinating meeting. The faire is three days long from Friday April 3rd through Sunday the 5th. I suggest that 10 am (faire starting time) on each of those three days is a good time to briefly meet, and that near the labyrinth (aka the Prairie Peace Path) would be a good place to do it. (I know that Sunday is Palm Sunday and some of us won't get there until later due to other obligations, but, weather permitting, Saturday is always the crazy busy day of this event.)

If you want to find it through GPS coordinates, the position of the labyrinth is just about: N 35° 11.601 W 097° 26.310 or Decimal 35.19334 -97.4385
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