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Hope this is ok to post.

Started by Lady L, April 23, 2009, 11:59:15 PM

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Lady L

Received this notice today.

"Renaissance Faire for sale
Eds: APNewsNow.
CHIPPEWA FALLS, Wis. (AP) - The Wisconsin Renaissance Faire is
for sale with the owner hoping that its new owners will salvage the
tourist attraction in Chippewa County.
Co-owner Shane McVey says it's unlikely the fair will take place
this summer. The festival Faire opened in 2006, featuring jousting,
stage acts, medieval food, arts and crafts and costumed actors. It
ran five weekends in June and July.
McVey says climbing gas prices probably played a factor in last
year's 25 to 30 percent attendance decline.
Court documents show the festival owners owe nearly $872,000 on
the Chippewa Falls property.
City planners say the 120-acre property has deed restrictions.
The land only can be used for camping and festivals."
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Now I just gotta win the lottery! ;)
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Yep, got the same email notice.   Let's all pool our pocket change together....that should be enough, right? :P

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Lady L

I so wish! *tightly squeezing eyes shut and wishing as much as possible*
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Lady Renee Buchanan

If each of the registered 2,493 members on this forum gave $350, we'd own ourselves a Renaissance Festival!

If only.......
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I'd throw in $350 to own 1/2500th of a Renaissance Festival. :)

Noble Dreg

Lady Renee, that very thought occurred to me...But then I imagined 2,500 people trying to agree on performers, period, food, vendors...OMG!   ;D

Neat thought though!

Now if we could get 10 people to come up with $90,000 for purchase...and another $90,000 for operating costs...
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Lord Figaro

That would be a heck of a problem ND. A thought occurred to me though. If lets say all those people did purchase the fest for that fee, then the only thing to avoid those problems would be to elect a head officer with attached board members to organize the fest. Otherwise your right ,it would be a nightmare to get that many people to agree on all the items. Only other option would be to put it to a vote like stock holders do. Then go with the majority rule. Can you imagine the nightmare that would be?
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Lady L

Maybe that's why we always have crazy rules changes at MNRF! One year the site person in charge wants the buildings painted in a certain color scheme and then he resigns. The next person wants them repainted in bright colors. Now this year, they want "jewel tone" colors. Just one example and there are tons more.

I do think there could be something organized, with different people leading committees, such as, entertainment, shops, food, sanitation, grounds, etc. I would definitely pay $350.00 to own part of a ren fest! My shop fee is 3 times that much at MNRF.

Then there is the mishap with King's Island, the theater in the round (supposed to have already purchased land, haven't heard anything in 2 years) and that Rose-something faire we went to, the one and only year it was held. Oh and the Northern Lights that never opened, also in Wis.
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Well...  Rosenthorne was actually started by some of the same people as King's Island, one was started by partners disgruntled with which ever one of those two were first.

Not long after that there was also a Sterling Renaissance Festival planned for Minnesota that never opened, as well as a plan to build a recreation of the Globe Theatre which was moved from Anoka to Wisconsin ( ) and now the Wisconsin land is being planned for a possible business retreat which may still including a Globe Theatre
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i had never actually been to this one, but had been to bristol. was bristol not a factor in any way? i mean, being so much more established, so much busier, and getting the better talent of the two??