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'ello 'ello


Painted Lady:
I was gonna reregister with a new handle like maybe ...Nan Bullen.  But I rather like me 'ead.  *cackle*

Whew! Good to connect with the mob!

Old Tinker:
our Painted Lady is here.  :)
hope all goes well with thee.
me Belle says Hello !
wouldn't by chance that you and Lu would be in thee region, this ren season ?
take care fellow "Castleteers",
i be the Old Tinker and his Belle...

Painted Lady:
Good to hear from thee and Belle. Our wandering plans this year include the Texas faires and Ontario to visit family.

Maybe next year . Or if we get a windfall.

We will be there in spirit.

So good to see you made it! I'm still planning on seeing you guys this Thanksgiving!

Painted Lady:
G'day Lady Hawke.  That's loverly. We look forward to seeing you at Thanksgiving.


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