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I thought it might be a good idea to have a listing of online fabric stores for those looking for specialty fabrics or those without a fabric store in their area.  When you're posting a link, also give a bit of a description of what FaireWear fabrics they offer so everyone can find what they want quickly.  I'll start:

Renaissance Fabrics
Gorgeous silk, wool, linen, cotton, and velvet, as well as notions, trims, patterns, books, buttons, and Duran Textiles.  Reasonable to good prices.

Class Act Fabrics
Lovely silk, wool, linen, and cotton, as well as corset stays.  Stock is always changing, so check back often.  Most of the prices are good.

eBest Fabrics
Slubless silk dupioni.  Prices are reasonable.

Silk Connection
Wide variety of nice silks including a reasonably priced bridal satin.  (Note that the satin is difficult to gather or pleat along the vertical grain, but extremely easy to do so along the selvage edge.  It's really lovely stuff though.)  Order their swatch pack for samples of all their fabrics, it's very helpful.  Mostly good prices.

And it never hurts to try eBay.  I've found some nice fabrics there in the past for very good prices.  Searching eBay stores gives you more results to your query.



They've got a bit of everything, and are super affordable. I really like the selections in home decor (lovely tapestries and jacquards) and silk dupioni. They run sales on a regular basis and charge $2.95 for your first order.

Most Excellent Thread!  HUZZAH!

Hamilton Dry Goods/Period Fabric
Good stock of wool (particularly non-specific tartans), heavy canvas, cotton osnaburg, and linen.  Wool page on website is wonky.  I advise calling, as Ron knows the stock inside and out.  They ship fast.  Prices are good to ridiculous.

Burnley & Trowbridge
Linen tapes, worsteds, woollens, linens.  Prices are reasonable to high.

Fabrics Store.com
Every kind and color of linen under the sun.  They also stock limited other natural fabrics.  Periodic sales.  Free swatching.  Prices are good to great. 

Baroness Doune:
Big Daddy's Gypsy Caravan
Especially notable for the ecclesiastical or vestment brocades, but also carries linen, wool, silk, trims, etc.  Quick shipping and excellent customer service.

Burnley and Trowbridge
I need to add this to what Gem said.  There is only a limited selection of fabric available on the website.  Order the swatch kit for $4.00 to see the complete selection of fabrics available.  Some of the fabrics I have not seen for sale anywhere else and the fabrics meet the requirements of the most discerning reenactor.  I especially recommend the handkerchief linen and the linen canvas.  Excellent customer service - Angela is a joy to work with.

Eastern Christian Supply Company
Ecclesiastical or vestment brocades.  Ignore the ones with obvious Christian motifs.  Some trims also.  Do search for FABRICS (for fabrics), GALLOON (for trims.)

Upholstery and drapery fabric suitable for garb.

Upholstery and drapery fabric suitable for garb.  Especially note the variety of colors available of the Waverly Capulet which is a 100% cotton tone-on-tone damask.  Prices are better than fabrics on the custom order racks of fabrics at Joanns even when Joanns is running a 50% off sale.

Istok Enterprises, Inc.
Ecclesiastical or vestment brocades.  Ignore the ones with obvious Christian motifs.  Some trims also - look under CHURCH SEWING ITEMS in the sidebar for those.

Silk Baron
Gem turned me on to this company.  Gem - that Stirwaters Blue is calling to you... 
Silk!  Over 130 colors of silk dupioni.  I have the complete swatch collection.  Yummy colors that I hadn't been able to find since Denver Fabrics was purchased by Fashion Fabrics Club.  Those that are familiar with the hand of REAL period silk velvet say that the silk velvet sold by Silk Baron is as close as you will ever find these days to the real thing.  Also silk taffeta.  The shipping of swatches is a little slow but the fabric ships super quick.  Excellent customer service. 

I have only purchased cotton velvet from this company and I was very happy with my purchase.  Definitely ask for a swatch before purchasing as I know of one instance where someone got really burned.


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