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Fabrics Fashion Club - FFC- is the same one that owns Denver Fabrics (bought them out years ago.  2008, maybe?) and a couple other online fabric stores.  It's hit and miss with them.  If you don't care about fabric content, it's fine.  If you do, don't buy.  Ever.   They (Denver Fabrics - basically, FFC bought the domain name) are the ones that told me the fabric I was buying was 100% pure wool.  It turned out to not even have wool in it in one of the fabrics I bought.  The other might have some wool but it's hardly 100%. 

I know of other similar stories.  Linen that was actually rayon, the wrong color being sent, ect.  Stick to Fabric.com, fabricguru, and the other not FFC owned fabric stores.

I bookmarked some of the stores. I have to make a time to browse those this weekend.


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