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New to California in the near Future (Information Please)


Don Giovanni de' Medici:
Hey Everyone,

I am going to be making the move out to CA to the LA area in the near future, by July or so hopefully.  I am a resident cast member of the Mid-America festival's Bay Area Renaissance Festival in Tampa, FL as the Italian Ambassador and I am looking to join the cast at the faires of my new home.  Does anyone have any information taht might be helpful at all in making this transition?  Thank you all so much in advance.  "A Carnivale ogni scherzo vale!"

Ryan L. Cimino


Don Vincente di Medici
Ambasciatore del Granducato della Toscana
Visconti di Firenze

"God save the Pope!"

Well, in the northern area, we have many faires.  Three are the Sacramento area, one in San Fransisco, one in Lake Tahoe, and there are others.  I guess a lot would depend on exactly where in CA you are going to land.

Lady Nicolette:
Here's a link to the California Faires from our own directory...There are many now in Southern California...And I'm sure that once you're there, Northern California will not seem quite so far.  After all, you're coming from a long narrow state. 


Carl Heinz:
If you're in the LA area, you might consider the Southern California Renaissance Pleasure Faire.

It's over for this year, by workshops will be starting in March.  Keep an eye on www.renfair.com/socal .

Click on the Paricipants tag in the left hand menu.

If you're interested in joining a guild, the kickoff meeting for St Cuthberts is usually near the end of February.  It's usuall held at our home.  Drop me an email in February for more information.

If you'd like to get more information about the guild, the Southern Cuthberts Yahoo group has such things as an old version of the guild handbook in the files section.


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