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Avoiding heat Stroke at Faire

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Oooo... I'll just stick to eating the ginormous pickles, thanks. And pretzels. And kettle corn!

Dangit... now I want kettle corn...

Pickle juice is also a great hangover remedy.

One of the guys last year at faire recommended alternating Gatorade & water or drinking a 50/50 mix of Gatorade & water.  I prefer Gatorade to water but make myself alternate which actually means I drink more because I suck down the water so I can have more Gatorade.  I believe you can get little packets of electrolyte flavoring to add to bottled water. 
Most faires I know will give you a cup of water if you ask so ask frequently!
Also, & this may get me banned from the boards  ;) but when its really hot I plan on not going garbed or dressing as a bellydancer rather than something that requires my bodice.  I know my limits & respect them. 

I put a couple of piece of ice in my scottish bonnet below the fold its helps keep the head cool.  Have to be careful about placement so it doesn't get to cold or drips down the neck.

Master James:
Being on cast at VARF and a member of court, its a daily battle to avoid being overheated.  I have however found something that works great in helping to keep one cool:  I wear a tall hat and simply own 2 of these little beauties with velcro on them and in the hat.  They can be recharged in ice water in about 10 minutes or so.  Put one in the hat and because its velcroed in it won't fall out or hit your head but its like your personal a/c in there.  Even on brutal days it stays cool for a while.  A typical day in the 80-95 degree day, it stays cool for about 2-3 hours.  On a brutal day of 95+ and that includes the 2 days we had last year at 110+, they lasted about an hour.  These are not the end all be all to avoid overheating but they sure do help and are easily hidden in the hat.


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