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Avoiding heat Stroke at Faire

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Merlin the Elder:
It snowed at Scarby on opening weekend a few years back, and the vendors said it was even colder the second weekend. I went the third weekend, and it was upper 80s.

Sherwood Forest, same deal. I've been there for the sleet on opening weekend, and also 80s...February in Texas.

Out here we have pretty much all soft site faires, and most are only a single weekend. That said, with 200 miles or so, there is a faire every month starting in March and ending in November. I haven't made it to the last one, but I know the one in Sonora in March has had some freezing weather (literally) and even snow. I think a lot o faires run during the summer so as to not conflict with holidays, and to allow a greater flexibility of camping and breaks for students. Or it could be because rain and faire dust = mud.

I plan our clan yearly trek to TRF.  We generally go the same weekend every year.  We have had years where we have had people nearly have heat stroke the first weekend on November, and the next we had 35 degree weather.  I have to plan for everything. There is a reason that we have both gatorade and hot chocolate packets in our camp kit. 

I'm debating making my own hat chillers. We bought some from a vendor a couple years ago but they have been used to death.  I will say on days over 80 they are a life saver for us. The trick will be how to do something like that for the fuzzlet.


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