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Avoiding heat Stroke at Faire

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Var Greyshadow:
Ice cubes on the wrists are good for a quick cool-down.  I've been known to shove a few up under my bracers.  It helps some.

Water, Water, Water!! I know I am one to forget to mix in a few bottles of water during a faire day! (and no Sitara my beer does not count as water.. *ppbbbttt* :P)

A bodice chiller can be a wench's best friend!! Even better if you can find a pirate to run off in the heat to refill the ice for you!!  :-*

If I feel like I am getting close to fainting I try to find a rag I can dip in cold water and drape around my neck for a bit and sit in the shade, this usually brings me back around..

I don't know about that Muffin.  Pretty sure light beer is water with yellow food coloring in it!

I like to use ice or a cold wash cloth on the wrists, neck and back of knees.  It also helps to remove your footwear or wear sandals.  Hiding in the walk-in cooler is nice but a tad overwhelming to go from 98 degree heat to a 40 degree cooler.

Those migraine patches they sell at CVS and the like also help. I tried them out the last weekend, and between the cool and the menthol scent, it kept me from fading off under all my court garb. Plus, you can stick them in a cooler and then stick them on under your clothes with no one being any the wiser.

I drink a mug or two of pickle juice interspersed with water all day on the scorchers.. the salt in the pickle brine ensures that you'll keep absorbing the water. It takes a little getting used to, but it's an easy solution :)


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