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2009 Siouxland!!!

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Only one more wk till I make the 7 hr journey!! ughh!! can't wait tho!

Rowan MacD:
  My Laird and I leave shortly for the 3 hour drive up to Sioux Falls.   
  We are staying overnight and be at fair in time for opening gate the 7th.  We would have been able to do both days, but I had to work this morning.  I just wish I lived close enough to volunteer.

Despite poor weather, I'd say it was a good time. Twas nice to bump into people not seen in awile (even some you R/Fers!!)

Rowan MacD:
  Aye, A bit on the cold side, but I was finally able to learn Pope Joan!  Hope for better weather next year.


So where are the pictures already?   :P


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