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our wedding

Started by Celtic Lady, May 10, 2009, 02:53:26 PM

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Celtic Lady

Well it's 4 months 2 weeks and 2 days until Sir Morgan and I are married. Most everything is done as far as arrangements for services and such. We ordered the cakes, signed up the DJ, found the hall, and found our minister last September. October or November I met with Joanna who is making my dress. In December we found our photographer and signed up with him. February found us having our invitations printed. We had purchased kits but I was unable to print them myself so I found a print shop that was able to help us. We finally made arrangements to have the ceremony at MiRF followed by a reception at the Feast of Fantasy. The end of March found us ordering our rings and picking them up in April. Here they are:
mine and Morgan's
I'm working on getting my sister and son's girlfriend to get their butts in gear to get their dresses made.
Everything else seems to be moving pretty well. I gave myself plenty of time to get things planned and done so that I don't turn into a bridezilla.... lol ::). Here's praying that it stays that way.

Professor M

It sounds like you have everything under control.  Your rings are really wonderful.  Congratulations to you both.
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I am so happy for you both! Now you can just relax and enjoy your day  :) Don't forget to drink plenty of water throughout the day, wear sunblock if you're going to be outside a lot, and most importantly, take time out from visiting with guests to kiss your husband often  ;)


*edit to add*  Your rings are GORGEOUS!
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Celtic Lady

Here are a few pics from our wedding which was held at MiRF this year.
There should be more a bit later but this is what I have so far.


How lovely! Congrats to you both! :D
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I know I already congratulated you, but congrats once again! The pictures and rings look so beautiful!  :D
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Celtic Lady

well it's been some time since the wedding and I'm finally getting around to posting pictures. we're still waiting on the photos from the photographer. we've been a bit slow at things because of "stuff" happening since the wedding (none of it being fun stuff).
anyway, here is the link to some of the pics:
will be adding more in time.

Lady Renee Buchanan

Beautiful pictures!  What a lovely wedding.  Thanks for sharing.
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awesome and you know what i love the most??  You aren't 20-somethings!  My FH and I are both over 50 and we soooo want a lovely wedding to celebrate our life together with our family.  Most places I've looked sorta made me feel foolish that I wasn't still a very blushing bride of 25.

Thank you for sharing!

Celtic Lady

You are very welcome. Have to tell you this was more first and only marriage. I was 45 when we got married. My husband was 30. My son who was 22 at the time was the best man and my sister who was 44 was my matron. I didn't care what anyone thought.... this was our day (mine and my fiance'). At first everyone (my family) was against the wedding at the Faire and dressing in garb but after a bit they really got into it  :) especially my dad.
Morgan and I saved and planned for about 18 months or so. We live in Iowa but went back to Michigan (which is where I'm originally from) for the wedding. We had our cakes ordered a year in advanced. The DJ, hall, and minister were also taken care of then as well. We had to do it all when we were back home for a visit. Everything went very smoothly because we took our time with planning and talking things out with each other. I included him everything. I did not want to be a bridezilla even though there were a couple of times I could have and would have had the right to be.
Anyway, congrats on your upcoming wedding. Feel free to renmail me if you wish.


I'd love love love to hear more about your wedding Celtic Lady, my daughter wants to be married at the Mich RenFest, and I have never been.  I have NO idea what to expect.  Help!

Celtic Lady

Wovenwoman, I'd be happy to help you. I sent you a message regarding my wedding.

Merlin the Elder

Wovenwoman, go with it! My bride and I last year did a vow renewal to celebrate our 40th wedding anniversary. ...well, we're long-time faire-goers, so it was a no-brainer for us, but it was one of the most memorable things of our long time together.
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Thanks!   They are coming up from out of state to be married at the RenFest, and I guess I am going to be the one doing most of the planning as a result!  How many people did you have?  Did the jousting interfere with the wedding at all, I was told the loudspeakers are very loud. Is it far to the area where the weddings take place, do I have to make accommodations for those who might not be able to walk very far?  Thanks for any and all info!

Merlin the Elder

Wovenwoman, we have never been to that faire, so I cannot provide you advice or information specific to that site.

We had perhaps 60 or so invited guests, and some who just wandered in for the ceremony.  The reception, however, was somewhat "guarded" since there was food and drink being provided.

If there was any noise at the ceremony, I didn't hear it.  The noise at the reception was intentional! Tartanic, a drum and bagpipe band, played our reception. It was a grand time indeed!

At our faire, the wedding garden is not far inside the gates.  If you haven't already, you might post in the Michigan area of the forum.
Living life in the slow lane
ROoL #116; the Jack of Daniels; AARP #7; SS# 000-00-0013
I've upped my standards. Now, up yours.
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