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JP yard troll:
another man( tailor not seamstress ) here and I do about what everone else is doing paintings historical reference works and anything else I can get my hands and eyes on, I like to use the best fabrics I can find, but will use whatever the person who comissions the piece wants, I also will let them pick patterns that they like that my or may not be accurate as well as may be far fetched fantasy.

1. Where do you find the basic research material when you're making a (fairly) historical correct garb?
Well, when I am up for the historically accurate costume the first thing I look at are paintings and period descriptions. This provides me with a basic understanding of the period and what should I look into more closely. The next step is books, research material and museum info. Sometimes it is enough. When I'm searching for specific details - I am also looking into old official documents, like inventory lists of specific regiment, etc.

2. If using paintings/portraits as a basis, how do you decide whether it is/they are not allegorical or idealized, or suitable for your project?
Usually I am looking at paintings to get the very basic understanding of the period. I always keep in mind that paintings until 17 century generally show the upper-class in their best closes. Especially this goes for 14-15 century engravings.

3. How do you decide what fabrics, materials and colours are plausible?
All three actually. It really depends what I am aiming for - a full historical reconstruction or just replicating accurately the style of the period.

4. How do you get an idea of what kind of undergarbs and supports to use?
Research of the subject, museum info.

5. Last, but not least: What era do you usually make garbs from?
I began with 1380-1420 historical reenactment (France). Now I am more focused on later periods. I love Italian Renaissance, Victorian, Rococo and Edwardian eras. Usually the garbs don't pass the requirements for full reconstruction (like handmade seams, etc), but they are still quite accurate.


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