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Ode To A Dream...

Started by Mairte, July 29, 2011, 05:10:40 PM

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I generally dont share poetry but decided to this once because of talking about dreams in another thread. Please excuse the disjointedness of it, I wrote it upon first wakening, so it is the words that came forth at that time....

Awaking unto dismal reality
Longing in vain to
Hold you near to me.
A veil slides between us
You are Gone
As shifting sand.
Visualize your mass of hair
Shadowy, ravens wing
Green eyes search for me
I would give most anything
To stroke the strong bones
Of your face
Before our worlds tear apart
Rotten lace.
Rough voice pleading me not to
As his touch falls away through
Times sieve.
Tangled sheets, morning gloom,
Presence fading from the room.
My life's blood
My last breath
Not to suffer the early death
Of a love that's bloomed between
Dusk and Dawn
Memories of my warrior
Linger on.
Praying fervently
To discover
Where in Existence
Is my Lover...
Closing eyes under moonlit beam
Floating toward him
Back into the Dream.


Praying fervently
To discover
Where in Existence
Is my Lover...

I love this line of your poem. Kinda feelin' this right now.