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Pattern Sales

Started by FortuneRose, May 16, 2009, 11:24:36 AM

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Lady Kathleen of Olmsted

"As with Art as in Life, nothing succeeds like excess.".....Oscar Wilde

Jon Foster

I've been given the official word. "We're patterned out for the time being" ;)


Lady Rebecca

I bought the glove pattern, and the bracer pattern, and I also picked up one for Edwardian women's jackets and men's colonial wear. I love pattern sales! :)

Just Randall

I really hate to ask this, as the leading page is getting crowded with them, but could this thread possibly be stickied? It would make it ever so much easier to find and add sales that are found. Please?
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I'll ask John and DB.  I can't do it since I'm not the official moderator here.
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Just Randall

Mediocrity is the refuge of the unimaginative...

Just Randall

To the Powers That Be: Thank you!
Mediocrity is the refuge of the unimaginative...

Lady Renee Buchanan

Got a new Joann's flier in the mail.  It says Aug. 21-23 (I think those are the dates, I'm downstairs, flier is in the car) Simplicity patterns will be 5 for $5.  I've already started my list!
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McCalls patterns on sale at Hobby Lobby $0.99 each through August 22nd
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I can't believe you guys don't list reconstructing history!  What FANTASTIC patterns!  FANTASTIC customer service!

lady serena

Alot of people do buy RH patterns, its just we can pass up a sale on patterns at our local Joann's, Hancock's, or Hobby Lobby. :D
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OH!  I misinterpreted the title!  I took it as "Patterns FOR Sale" not "Patterns ON Sale"!  Excuse me!

lady serena

Guppy # 81
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Today at JoAnn fabrics/crafts Simplicity patterns 5for $5.00!!! ! 8/22/09
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JoAnns is having a sale on Simplicity fabrics for $1.99!!!
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