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I know there is an introduction thread on the main pages.... but In reading threads, and now with all of us restarting at the same time, I thought this would be an excellent way to say hello to everyone.  If you are one of our goddesses, please post that too.

I will start. Please follow the same format for easier reading.  ;D .....OH! and SMALL Pictures Please. ((the only "small" one I have was from 2002 ))

NAME:  FaireMare
Joined RF:  December of 2004  "Mod" since 2006
Board "title" :  Moderator
Participation At Faire:  Cast AzRF, Playtron other faires I visit.
                                   1 season Carolina RF, Prodstaff AzRF
Garbing Expereience:   Cast AzRF,  Children's Garb, Men's Garb...
                                 Cant Make a woman's bodice turn right.

Sorry, no picture from me...

Name: Tigrlily
Joined RF: February of 2008
Board Title: None
Participation at Faire:   Paytron at Bristol, soon to be Playtron.
Garbing Experience:   1 Chemise, 1 Skirt


(Click to embiggen)

Name:   Erynn
Joined RF:  2006 or 2007 I think
Board "title" :   No official title
Participation At Faire:  Playtron
Garbing Experience:    My own garb, garb for a few others. Costuming since 97-98
                                Designed costumes for 2 WSU shows, got awards for both

{moderators award for following format! WOOT}


Name: Gem
Joined RF: Sometime in 2003
Board title: "Mistress of Esoterica," also "Link Goddess"
Participation at Fair: KCRF playtron
Garbing Experience: I've been sewing since 2004 when I rebelled against ill-fated sewing "lessons."  I've mostly done fairwear while learning garment construction (lots of skirts, bodices, odds and ends for relatives and friends); more recently expanded into more H/A work (a gamurra-inspired linen gown, a complete 18th Century ensemble of linen and wool, and just starting a recreation of a c. 1500 French tapestry gown).  I've been drafting patterns and draping my own mockups for a couple of years now, but I just discovered the joy of working with a truly *wonderful* pattern, and am looking forward to breaking out the Margo Andersons with this next project!


Name: Athena
Joined R/F: Summer of 2004
Board Title: Queen's Lady in Lacing, Bard of the Court
Participation at faire: Playtron at the Great Lakes Medieval Faire and other nearby festivals.
Garbing experience: Total n00b! Much to my surprise and delight, I'm actually decent at sewing and I enjoy it!  8)

{moderators award for following format! WOOT}


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