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Name: Catarina / Silverstah
Joined R/F: Umm.... 2002?  A long, long time ago. ;)
Board title: None!
Participation at Faire: blissfully, just as a patron right now.  North Carolina Renaissance Faire, Carolina Renaissance Festival, and occasionally Georgia Renaissance Faire and MD Renaissance Faire.
Garbing experience: Lots? :) I ran a custom garb company for many years.  Now I am focusing on improving my historical sewing techniques through 15th and 16th c. Italian and Spanish costume.  It's a fun challenge! :)

Lady L:

Name: Linda/Lady L
Joined R/F: Christmas 2006
Board title:
Participation at Faire: First attended MNRF in 1973, when it was a few tents in a field. Bought my shop at MNRF in 1998. I have also visited Siouxland Ren faire, Twig faire and Wisc. ren faire.
Garbing experience: My Mom taught me how to sew by hand and on her old Singer machine when I was 8 years old. I have been sewing for over 40 years. I have made all kinds of things for family and friends, such as shirts, blouses, skirts, pants, jackets, sleepwear, baby clothes, doll clothes, underwear, etc. I first started researching/sewing garb in 1998, when I bought my shop. I made garb for everyone in my family that helped me at my shop. As an artist, I lean more toward fantasy garb, but I find historical garb equally fascinating!  ;D

I'm Nancy. I'll be acting in the MiRF this summer as an  Italian Flower Seller who sings. I'm currently fighting to get my toile to lie correctly without wrinkles and am ready to cook and eat the next kid who thinks punching Lady Madge (body double, hangs from the ceiling), is funny.

I've been garbing for years, but let's just saw authenticity and finish work was not really my forte. I've changed, I swear.

My "headshot" from my audition. My husband took it the day before. Yes, I'm a pro :)

I've been sewing for twenty years now, but not well. However, you should see my bloomers! Flat felled seams, not an unfinished bit in site and authentic. I've already learned a lot here.

Oh, and special kusdos to my husband who, literally, took apart my Janome Serger and put it back together when it seized. He saved me a ton of money and there are no parts left over. Bless him. It makes the idea of washing sixteen yards of cotton jacquard slightly more appealing, since there will be less ravel.

Gwen aka Punstergal:

Sorry for big picture, I don't have any uploaded that aren't full-size and I don't know how to code it to make it show smaller.

NAME:   Gwendolynn aka Punstergal
Joined RF:  Hmm... I don't remember, two years ago, I think
Board "title" :   Purveyor of useless information? Resident rope-fiend? KnottyNymph?
Participation At Faire:  Vendor at TRF for (omg don't tell) 10 years, playtron at almost any other festival I can reach
Garbing Experience:   This and that, here and there.. I tend to do more crafting than sewing, so a lot of my basic garb pieces are purchased and then edited by me, whereas all the accessories, jewelry, wings, fantasy clothing, etc is made my me. I specialize in things that involve pretty knots :)

{big picture okay.... mod likes you followed format! }

Jess Devyne:
Name:   Jess Devyne
Joined RF:  January 2004
Participation at Faire:  Playtron for quite a few years at Colorado as well as other faires (ie Arizona, TRF, Grand Junction, Las Vegas, PARF and soon to include; TUX, Michigan, KCRF)
Made lots o' different things.  Made a Courtesan couple of years ago....turned out pretty well if I do say so myself! 

Mare, you are doing a faboo job!  You are so haute!   ;)


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