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New Home, New Look, New Faces

Started by FaireMare, May 18, 2008, 07:50:47 PM

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Aurum peccamenes multifariam texit
Marquesa de Trives
Portrait Goddess


*happy dance* Hat pattern came today!
"I have measured out my life with coffee spoons;"-T.S. Eliot, The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock

Lady Gryphon

NAME: Lady Gryphon  aka Ann

Joined RF: Berfore Scarbi 2011

Board "title"
: Dragon calls me Wench, does that count?

Participation At Faire:
  Whichever one we can get to on a given weekend. I may get involved with the Mobile Faire, I haven't decided yet.   

Garbing Experience:
I started embroidering when I was 5 years old, with a BIG iron on transfer on a piece of white fabric sitting next to my maiden Aunt who could make anything, She had the patients of a saint, but I did learn at her side for almost 4 years.   Then fashioned my own Barbie cloths out of the scrap box she and my mother always had around.  Started making my own clothes in Jr. High School and have been sewing something ever since.  I can do all kinds of needlework, Crewel, knitting, crochet, sewing, and I've made one quilt. I hand smocked a baby dress for my Niece when she was born, that was an interesting task.  I've even done some tailoring making suites for myself.  But this Period Garb thing has me stumped.  So I'm going to be asking a lot of questions.  I guess because most of the garb is fitted different than our modern clothing and if it's not fitted correctly then it doesn't hang right and that I can't abide. 

I pray I don't wear out my welcome.
Why do I feel like I've worn something like this before?


Guess I can jump on this 'who-am-I' thing a few years late... my bad.

Name: CecilsTanequin aka CT. I also go by Radclyffe, or in real life just Kat.

Joined RF: Originally February of 2006 on the ooooollllldddd boards. However I'm usually active for a month then gone for 6. Then back again like it's all new and exciting! Then I disappear again. It's a crazy life sometimes.

Board "title": Don't know that I have one. I seem to remember years ago something about being Royal Procrastinator but that was also before the old boards crashed.

Participation at Faire: Cast member at Bristol since 2007 (Guilde of St. George aka Court). Cousin cast member at the Original Renaissance Pleasure Faire (southern california)... meaning Bristol and Southern are cousin faires and Southern will adopt me for a weekend when I come out. And visitor to as many faires as I can make it to.

Garbing Experience: Made my first faire-gown when I was 15, self-teaching my way through. Studied costume design and construction at UW-Madison working on shows and graduating with my BA. Worked as a stitcher and wardrobe sup for some regional theatres including American Players Theatre and the Milwaukee Rep. I'm now a Flight Attendant and I've been making court wear for fellow cast members for several years now. My blog catalogues most of my work:

This is the best full length view of me in my gown.
Kat Brown
Guilde of St. George - Bristol
'07-'08 Lady Anne Cecil
'09-'12 Mistress Mary Radcliffe


Name: Chris (no character name . . . yet)
Joined RF: January 2013
Board title: Whassis?
Participation at Faire: Scarborough Faire: patron since the '80s, "playtron" since 2011 (though not in any organized fashion, just dressing up; this year will be the first with an actual character).  TRF for the first time in 2012
Garbing Experience:  Been sewing since my early teens; once in college I made a dress (without a pattern and in less than 24 hours) for a friend who was in SCA. Bits and pieces (shirt, breeches) for my husband and hats for both of us.  I'm getting ready to make a chemise and skirts for myself, and possibly a new bodice.