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Monsignor de Beaumanoir:
I just wanted to say "hello" to all my forum friends, from here in the Outremer. Photos of the "Beausant World Combat Tour" will be posted on my MYSPACE site.

Take care all.

Mikael of Aragon:
Deus Vult!!!

We're back, and ready to continue enlightening the world!

Pax Vobiscum!

Lady Christina de Pond:
I'm here to help  ;D

Femme Falchion:
Frere Mikael...I believe the last we heard you were looking for warriors to assist in battling vampires seeking the Holy Grail?  I would, of course, be prepared to combat any undead creatures wishing to defile an ancient artifact of divine feminine fertility. 

Mikael of Aragon:
Ah, milady, I see that our Order's ruse has ensnared thee, as well. Aye, to deflect interest from treasure hunters from searching for the chalice of our Lord, the blessed cup of the Last Supper, we invented a story of misdirection, of smoke and mirrors. But judge not yourself too harshly for failing to identify this false trail. It has ensnared many a learned individual, including the much lauded Lord Thomas Hanks.   :P

But as to this new battle of the Holy vs. the Unholy, thy swordarm would be most welcome at our side...


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