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Following Orders

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Lady Christina de Pond:

--- Quote from: Mikael of Aragon on May 08, 2008, 10:06:24 PM ---Ah, milady, I see that our Order's ruse has ensnared thee

--- End quote ---

ensnare me? what if i'm too cleaver for your snares and outwit ya?

Mikael of Aragon:
Outwit the, I mean...outwit the Knight's Templar? Surely you jest, my lady.   :D

Lady Christina de Pond:
Rofl I am a woman and quite entalagent if i had to outwit someone i could. and most likely would

Femme Falchion:
Frere Mikael

Is it not a wonderful forum where we all can reside and bear arms together regardless of our various stages of "enlightenment"   ;)

Mikael of Aragon:
Aye, indeed it is! As I'm sure Frere Cliff will attest to, we Templars are actually much more accepting of other's than our reputation leads one to believe.   ;D


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