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Fantasy Faire at Wheaton Arts, Millville, NJ

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A delightful little Faire held at the former Wheaton Glassworks in Millville, NJ on June 6th and 7th. Hopefully they won't have a 100 degree weekend like last year!!!!

How was this faire Felix?

The weather was a lot nicer than last year's 100 degree scorcher!!! Despite the previous week's heavy rain, the grounds were dry (sandy South Jersey!). The circular paved drive at the entrance was a different story... I should have brought my 41" RC pirate ship. This event had a lot of nice vendors, including a Photo Shop booth that placed both me and the Renaissance Bubble Machine in front of the castle of my choice. A number of the Wheaton Glass stores were also open, making shopping an extra delight. The cast was good and very enthusiastic... ah youth! Plus... this is the closest event I go to. ;D

Is this a bigger faire than Lehighton?

'tis about the same size in area and vendors.There are more food sales. However, it is a dry Faire, no beer, Ukrainian, or otherwise  :(


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