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You might be a Ren parent if.............

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As a mom of four "faire kids" and the director of the childrens troupe at our local festival I thought this might be a fun one.  I could probably come up with a hundred of these LOL!

you might be a ren parent if.....
........your child took their first steps at faire
........your child has lost 4 of 5 baby teeth on faire grounds
........your kid knows all the lost boys songs (or any ren band) by heart
........on your birthday you've had a tricycle joust held in your honor
........your kids have more aunts and uncles than you can count
........the kids come home from school and change into their ren clothes to go play
........your kids know every verse to drunken sailor
........for seven weekends you have the luxury of perfectly behaved children because of one simple line "if you don't act right you wont go to festival this weekend"!'ve ever had your children tell you you're the worst mom ever because you went to a faire without them.'re 8 and 9 year old daughters know how to bead their own gowns.
........your five year old daughter insists on her own "knight" gear and designs her own heraldry
........your five year old asks for a starfire sword for her birthday (and her uncle obliges, lets just say that one is put up where she can't reach it!)
........your childs teacher calls you and asks you to talk to your child about her use of an english accent when answering questions in class.
........the only professional pics you have of your kids are in garb
........your kids accept anyone no matter what their nationality, they overlook mental and physical disabilities and they don't care what people are wearing!

and number one
.........the happiest memories you've made with your kids have been spending weekends performing at or visiting a ren fest!

... you don't have time to make yourself new garb, but the children have multiple new sets each season.


--- Quote from: ladyharrogate on June 01, 2009, 08:38:35 AM ---........the kids come home from school and change into their ren clothes to go play

--- End quote ---

Which is why all my lil ones are happy Momma can sew and patch.  Because they were doing whatever and something happened to their garb and now they dont know what to do.

You've sung your grandchildren to sleep at the tavern along with the Pyrates Royale.  I've probably ruined them for life.  Nah, the foam sabres will do that for them!

I've done all those too LOL.  I'm sure there are pics out there from when my daughter was two, we were both in noble garb sitting by a tree, her sound asleep in my lap while I sang to her! 

Oh and I thought of another one...
............your son not only knows what a kilt is, he doesn't mind wearing one!


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